7 Secrets To Spiritual Business Success

7 Steps To Reveal Your 7 Secret Ingredients In Your Business includes your unique gifts, life experience, unique audience

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7 Secrets To Spiritual Business Success

is a 7 Step Modular Online Spiritual Marketing Course for Coaches, Healers & Therapists who want to have Spiritual Business Success

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It is designed to help you identify your 7 secret ingredients in your business and a successful recipe that works for you to create a powerful naturally aligned marketing plan that is suited perfect to you and your clients.

In this 7 Step Modular Course you will learn how to

  • STOP wasting time and money on the wrong type of marketing
  • STOP struggling to identify your right clients
  • STOP worrying about what your ideal client will buy

All our work is strictly copyright by Eileen Burns & Stress Coach Training  under www.businessspirit.co.uk  & www.stress-coach.co.uk

You will learn

  • Your 7 Secret Ingredients & Secret Recipe For Success
  • Who your perfect ideal clients are
  • What products/services your clients want, need and will buy
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Plus Powerful Bonus Meditations from David Rabone, The Soul Healer coming soon!

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Intended Audience: coaches, healers, therapists, yoga teachers, meditation teachers, reiki master

Course Curriculum

Uniqueness Video 1
Podcast 1
Step 1 - Your Uniquness
Step 1 Inspiration
Additional Support
Your Life Journey Video 2
Step 2 Podcast
Step 2 - Your Unique Life Journey
Step 2 Inspiration
Additional Support
Your Passions Video 3
Step 3 Podcast
Step 3
Step 3 Inspiration
Additional Support
Unique Customer Video 4
Step 4
Step 4 Inspiration
Additional Support
Your Unique Solution Video
Step 5
Step 5 Inspiration
Additional Support
Your Unique Brand
Unique Brand Video
Unique Marketing Video
Step 6 Your Signature
BONUS- Archetype Branding
Additional Support
Step 7 Unique Blend
Unique Secret Recipe
Step 7 Inpsiration
Additional Support

Eileen Burns