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Earn 25% Commission

Start boosting your income selling our holistic and spiritual marketing courses to other coaches and therapists

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7 Secrets To Spiritual Business Success

7 Steps To Reveal Your 7 Secret Ingredients In Your Business includes your unique gifts, life experience, unique audience


Eileen Burns

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Owner and Trainer - Eileen Burns

Eileen Burns


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Start Earning Extra Income Through Your Online Business

Earn 25% commission

Selling Stress Relieving Online Courses

Selling Holistic & Spiritual Marketing Courses

Selling affiliate products is a great way for online businesses and bloggers to boost their income .

These products are designed by healer, coach and therapist Eileen Burns who began studying holistic well-being over 25 years. A stress management expert of 17 years.

Eileen built her own business through mostly online marketing.

She now spends her time helping professional coaches and therapists become more powerful coaches and therapists. Through her professional calm coach, stress management and spiritual marketing courses

"I know the difficult challenges of running a heart based holistic or spiritual business.
runs her online stress coach.

Like most holistic business owners I wasted more years, time and money than I want to admit marketing my business all the wrong way.

My courses are designed to save coaches, healers and therapists tens of thousands of pounds and hours of time on the wrong marketing; from promoting the wrong way, to the wrong products, to the wrong clients.

You can start earning commission selling highly ethical spiritual based marketing that helps coaches, healers and therapists share their unique gifts.

So simply sign up to our school and sign up as an affiliate for each course you would like to promote.

How to get paid for affiliate sales.

Zenler the platform we uses releases payments for affiliates sales on the 1st of every month. Payments for sales before 30 days will be included on this date. This is to make sure 30 day money back policy is applicable for all sales.

Learn more about Zenler payment flow:

Check out the range of products that you can sell as an affiliate today https://businessspirit.zenler.com/courses/

Terms & Conditions: We do have a right to chance the price of any products at any time. Payments will only be made out to clients whos sales do not apply for the 30 money back day guarantee by zenler

Any problems email us at info@stress-coach.co.uk